R Panel Metal Roof

For construction projects that require low cost metal roofing materials, Metal for Roofing offers several exposed fastener metal roofing panel options that is suitable for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential settings. Our metal R-Panels are easy to install using self-drilling fasteners and can also be used as siding for wall, interior, and linear panel applications. […]

Metal Roofing Shoes

These shoes would allow workers to walk safely on roofs that are 2 times steeper than your average roof. Roofs that are on a 4/12 pitch or less, can be walked upon easily by experienced roofers as long as the roof is dry, and free of oil, dust and pollen. Metal roofs that are above […]

Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Concrete Tile Roof Concrete Tile Roofing Services in Olathe, Overland Park and Surrounding Areas Weather resistance. Concrete tile resists the elements and can last for decades, making it an ideal material for Missouri and Kansas roofs. We offer expert concrete roof tile repair, installation & maintenance Concrete tile is a beautiful, durable, energy-efficient roofing material. […]

Metal Roof Coatings Reviews

Reflective Coatings FAQsWhy should I get my roof coated with a reflective coating?Coating will extend the life of the roof, by reducing heat transfer into the building, decreasing thermal shock (thermal expansion and contraction of the roof membrane), and helping to mitigate leaks. Reflective coatings also can reduce heat energy costs and improve the aesthetics […]

Best Paint For Metal Roof

Metal roofs withstand the effects of the elements far longer than a standard shingled roof. However if you want your metal roof to last as long as it should, regular inspection and maintenance is required. One of the most important aspects of metal roof maintenance is painting. Painting your metal roof keeps it sealed and […]

Metal Vs Asphalt Roof

How are Metal Roofs Better? Metal roofs reflect the sun, which reduces the amount of heat penetrating the home. A reflective roof can reduce peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent, according to the Dept. of Energy. That, in turn, means the home’s cooling system needs less energy to cool the house. Some metal […]

Metal Roofing Denver

Residential Agricultural Light Commercial Interior Metal Roofing Panels & Material Manufacturing in Colorado Serving Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, & Colorado Springs Flatiron Steel is a premier supplier of metal roofing materials. Our showrooms are located in Greeley and Colorado Springs, CO. We offer roofing supplies for both residential and commercial properties and we ensure […]

Cost Of Metal Roof Per Square Foot

I would like to get a standing seam metal roof for our two-story house in West Haven, CT. There are three sections to the house; the main roof is a simple gable roof with one chimney on one side, while the other side has a valley that connects the main roof to the adjacent section. […]

Residential Metal Roofing Cost

Energy Savings with Cool Metal Roofing As a homeowner, you should expect that your home be built or renovated with energy-saving materials. Materials that not only secure and improve your home, but also provide long-term savings on energy bills. Metal roofing does just that, saving up to 40% of your annual household energy costs, depending […]

Metal Roof Designs

Multiple styles to choose from There are literally dozens of different “looks” and “feels” that can be achieved with metal roofing— from the traditional standing seam look, to the old-world tile look or the beauty of shakes, to the more agricultural corrugated look. The variety of attractive metal roofing profiles is one of the great […]