Metal Roofing Calculator

Metal Roofing Calculator

Thanks for your interest in our Roof Calculator app. While we don’t develop new apps for just a single user – good news is that we will be adding full flat / commercial roofing calculator functionality very soon (in about four weeks). The calculator will be based on our flat roofing calculator used on, but will have all the features of the Calculator app, such as different roofing materials profiles, etc. The Flat Roofing calc will also be able to calculate roof decks, and we are actually planning to make a dedicated flat roof deck calculator for our website, but everything is just taking longer than planned.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

Dear, your calculator is off on its calculations for roofing. If you can make a simple calculation of length 21’-0” x width 3’-0” = 63 sq. ft. Per your Roofing Calculator Pro for iPhone it is not even inside the domain to be close, it tells me that the roof area = 89 sq. ft. If you use the same number and zero out general setting you find that the roof area = 89, Waste (0%) = 0’, roofing materials =- 89’, length of ridge = 21’, and length of gable is 8’, length of drip edge = 50’. So 21’ x 2 = 42’ + 8’ = 50’, how cool is that. Where does the 8’ coming from, the input is 3’ x 2 = 6’. If 21’ write, and let say we split your 8’ to 4’ that comes to 84 sq. ft. That is 21’ x 4’ = 84 sq. ft. This is still 5 sq. ft. less than your roofing calculator pro at 89 sq. ft is. If there is a good explanation to your math, please give it to us.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

Using this calculator, you can figure out what you can expect to pay a reputable contractor to replace your roof. PRO version of Roofing Calculator for contractors is available for iPhone and Android, and allows for complete customization of all roofing material costs and installation labor prices.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

iPhone version of roofing calculator is in development right now and should be available in the App Store in 2-3 weeks if all goes as planned. We are doing our best to make it faster, but we also want to make sure we port all features of Android roofing calculator in it as well as make it bugs free. Also with iPhone we kinda need to make it compatible with iPad’s large screen resolution, which will take some additional time, but will give you an excellent roof estimating and slaes / presentation tool.

Metal Roofing Calculator

We can definitely do something and create a custom roofing calculator, that would reflect roof prices in Canada (you would have to provide pricing structure, as I’m not too familiar with Canadian roofing market). This calculator would also be in Canadian dollars, and we can add custom functions to it, upon your request.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

Metal Roofing Prices – calculate the cost to install a metal roof – choose between steel, aluminum, copper or zinc metal roof, metal shingles, panels or tiles. Prices are calculated based on what a professional metal roofing contractor would charge for installation.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

March, 2015 Update: We are pleased to announce that we’ve just updated the calculator’s pricing data with the latest national figures. We’ve also added three more types of roofing systems to the calculator giving you a wide plethora of options! For instance, you can now estimate the difference in cost of architectural (also known as dimensional, laminated or composition) shingles VS. the most basic 3-tab asphalt shingles, installed.
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Metal Roofing Calculator

Many of our site visitors have requested a calculator that can also estimate roofing materials including bundles of shingles necessary for a specific project, along with the cost of materials required for the job. We did not have such a tool readily available, but after a little bit of digging and research we have developed it! Our new materials and area calculator can be accessed here. – Let us know if you find it useful.
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Metal Roofing Materials – discover different types of metal roofs – shingles, standing seam, corrugated steel, stone coated steel, copper and zinc roofs. Learn how to install different metal roofing systems with hands-on, step-by-step installation guides, accompanied by plenty of pictures, diagrams and roof installation videos.
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However, we will have a flat-roof specific roofing calculator out in about a month or two. That will allow you full control over anything flat and low slope. We will design it for single ply roofing (Rubber, PVC, TPO), but I think it will also be very usable for modified bitumen roofs. Not so much for tar and gravel, but still, it will be much more convenient than current app, designed for sloped roofs.
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The labor cost is built into the total price. All roof prices are approximate and will depend on your location and the roofing contractor you choose. Also, all roofing contractors have different ways to price their labor costs, and also have different overheads, etc. See our roofing prices guide to get a better idea on how roofers price their roofs, and to learn abot overhead, labor costs, etc.
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The materials choices provided above represent typical/non-premium materials that are often installed on residential roofs and commercial buildings in the US. If you are interested in a premium roofing system, then you are probably considering Slate, Clay Tiles, Cedar Shakes, and Metal. For your convenience, we have included all four of these premium roof types in our calculator.
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Very Important Note: Before you order your metal roofing panels, you will need to get on the roof and physically measure its run, to the exact number of feet and inches. REMEMBER that the calculator provides only an APPROXIMATE length for your roof panels. If you do not measure the exact length of your roof run, your panels may come out too short or too long. If your panels are too short, they may be unusable. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any measurements on your part.
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Please note: Any roof figures obtained with our calculator reflect hiring a skilled crew with a solid reputation, verifiable work references, and an ample experience in the field. The calculator assumes that the company you hire will have all the necessary tools and equipment, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation for all of the installers working on your project. Prices rendered apply to the North Eastern region of the U.S, and may require substantial adjustment for other parts of the country.
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Right now our priority is to release Roof Calculator for iPhone and iPad, which we are close to, and once it is released in the App Store, we will begin adding new features that were most requested but our clients. Read at the bottom of iPhone roof calculator page to see which updates will be added.
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It would be great if you can help us with figuring out the equation (I can estimate the weight, but not the volume and the size of the dumpster). I will think how we can integrate it into the calculator, and will add it in the next calculator update, which should be coming in the next few weeks.
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The gauge of the metal is a measurement of how thick it is. The smaller the number, the thicker the metal. 24 gauge metal (sometimes written “24ga”) is thicker than 29 gauge, which is the minimum recommended gauge for residential construction. Some roofs, such as Modular Press Formed Granular Coated roof, are only available in certain gauges (26 gauge in this case). 24 gauge is the recommended gauge for high wind areas. The gauge of the roof doesn’t affect the overall price much. The difference is usually a matter of around $100 per square. (A “square” in roofing is a 100 square foot area.)
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I downloaded the Roofing Calculator for Android today. After watching the videos, it seems something is missing on the app. First, there is no menu button to change settings for material & labor prices. The only 2 buttons on the app are ‘Contractor Mode’ & ‘Presentation Mode’. They are both the same and there are no menu options. Please tell me how I can get this added to the app.
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We created an application shop called AppHQ– which will be available directly to our customers. As I was researching through Android applications we would like to have in the shop, I noticed your Roofing Calculator app, and thought this product would be a great addition to the Cisco portfolio.
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The roofing materials prices (mainly cost of roofing asphalt shingles) depend on price of oil. Shingle prices skyrocketed together with oil picking out at $140+ per barrel in the summer of 2008, but never really came down. Now they’ve stabilized more or less, but still there is constant movement.

Basically, use the old formula – measure seven times and cut once, when measuring and installing metal roofing panels. Refer to this excellent standing seam metal roof installation guide for more details on how to install standing seam panels.
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The type of metal your use for your roof is also important. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tin, and zinc are among the most commonly used for roofing.
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All the figures aside, keep in mind that materials such as Natural Slate, and Clay Tiles are very heavy and may require additional reinforcement of the existing roof structure and trusses. Consider a light-weight and energy efficient alternative such as metal roofing that can offers the look of Slate or Tiles at a fraction of the weight, and at a lower cost.