Erie Metal Roof

Erie Metal Roof

If you are looking for the upscale design of a dimensional shingle, but that lasts three times longer than an asphalt shingle, Erie Construction’s steel panel stamped shingle metal roofing is the choice for you. Erie’s metal roofing offers a classic look that features a traditional yet distinctive shingle style, with the added benefit of being reinforced with the strength and longevity of steel. Available in a variety of natural earth-tone colors, Erie metal roofing incorporates a subtle, natural shadow that enhances the richness and detail of your roof.
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Erie Metal Roof

Every Erie Roof project is professionally installed by dedicated crews of experienced and well-trained technicians who work exclusively with Steel Panels and accessories on a full time basis. Many of these technicians are metal roofing artists in what they can accomplish with these dimensional shingles. Our roofers are specialists and are very familiar with the best procedures for installing the exclusive Erie Shingles. They are prompt, courteous, and strive to maintain a clean work site throughout the duration of the job. Once installation begins, the crew remains at the site until the roofing job is fully completed to the customers’ total satisfaction.
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Erie Metal Roof

One of the main reasons for the high cost of residential metal roofing is the high cost of labor required for professional installation. That’s right, installing a metal roof is a technically involved process requiring special skills, training, experience and equipment. Unlike conventional asphalt shingle roofing, the installation of a metal roof must be carried out in a very accurately-measured and precise manner. A metal roof is not simply nailed to the roof deck like its “ugly” cousin, asphalt shingles.
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Erie Metal Roof

Residential Metal Roofing Erie Metal Roofs manufactures a variety of metal roofing styles from charming wood shake, elegant terracotta, or traditional shingle to suit your home. Each style is not only beautiful but offers superior durability. All of our metal roofing styles come with our lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to curl, split, crack or break.
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Erie Metal Roof

When it comes to residential metal roofing, you are not only paying more for a higher quality material than asphalt shingle, but you are also paying for a more costly, professional installation that requires specialized skills, expertise, and equipment. Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that may influence your final price for a new metal roof. These include the type of metal and the roof style you choose, your geographic location, and the overall complexity of your particular roof.
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Erie Metal Roof

Erie Metal Roofs are guaranteed against abnormal weathering and discoloration, winds of up to 120 mph, and hail. Our metal roofing is non-porous, as well as freeze- and thaw-resistant. Our metal roofs also won’t crack, break, burn, curl, or split.
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Erie Metal Roof

Erie Metal Roofs manufactures a variety of metal roofing styles from charming wood shake, elegant terracotta, or traditional shingle to suit your home. Each style is not only beautiful but offers superior durability. All of our metal roofing styles come with our lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to curl, split, crack or break.

Erie Metal Roof

Erie’s metal roofing shingles start as a steel-panel that’s stamped into a dramatic shingle design, and then is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy. Stone chips are bonded to the steel with our acrylic resin binder. These stone granules offer a protective coating, resisting fading and UV penetration, as well as providing an attractive appearance. Our final glaze process encapsulates the panel, protecting your roof from any damage for more than twice as long as any other shingle.
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A metal roof can help you save money in more than one way. For instance, a standing seam metal roof is ready for a seamless PV solar system integration. Thanks to its raised seams, PV solar panels can be mounted over the raised seams with the help of special S-5 holding brackets attached to the seams. In other words you don’t need to drill any holes in your shiny roof. Try doing that with asphalt!
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Therefore, I am leaning toward a metal roof. I have a fairly good estimate for Galvalume Steel, 24 or 26 gauge standing seam material. I am almost ready to contract for this. My main concern is whether a metal roof, beyond the other advantages, will prevent raccoons and other pests, such as squirrels from destroying my roof again?
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I have had damage to my existing asphalt roof from pests. I think the cause is raccoons. One hole in the roof is a half circle where the shingles and plywood are completely gone. The other hole may have been a broken limb, but could have been animals. My concern is if I replace the roof with the same type of roof, then I might have the same situation in a short period of time.
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The gauge of the metal is a measurement of how thick it is. The smaller the number, the thicker the metal. 24 gauge metal (sometimes written “24ga”) is thicker than 29 gauge, which is the minimum recommended gauge for residential construction. Some roofs, such as Modular Press Formed Granular Coated roof, are only available in certain gauges (26 gauge in this case). 24 gauge is the recommended gauge for high wind areas. The gauge of the roof doesn’t affect the overall price much. The difference is usually a matter of around $100 per square. (A “square” in roofing is a 100 square foot area.)
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When comparing asphalt with metal, the durability of a metal roof is its crowning glory. A roof that will probably outlast its owner is a good investment. Asphalt is more economical, and that’s why it has the majority of the residential market at the moment. When metal becomes more economically viable, that may change. However, for now, asphalt is king.
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Thanks to its superior durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, a metal roof can be a smart investment in your home. With an energy efficient metal roof, you can save a good chunk of “change” on you air conditioning costs over the summer. Electricity savings of 20% to 30% are common for CoolRoof rated metal roofs during the peak AC usage months. Over the years, these savings will add up.
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In terms curb of appeal and beyond, a home protected by a metal roof not only looks beautiful, but its value increases and maintains for many decades to come. A recouped value of a metal roof at resale hovers at around 90%. Meanwhile, a homeowner gets to enjoy the classic beauty of metal, along with substantial energy savings and often reduced home insurance premiums.
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For environmentally-conscious homeowners, a metal roof will often contain over 30% of post-consumer, recycled metal content, and unlike its “ugly cousin” asphalt shingles, a metal roof is fully recyclable. Every year, billions of pounds of asphalt end-up in our landfills.
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Raccoons and squires won’t be able to eat through or break through a metal roof into your attic. However, if raccoons have a way to get onto the roof and run freely, there is a chance they may scratch and damage the paint finish with their claws. If the roof is steep enough, then this should not be an issue.
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Nice article, a fairly neutral take on the cost factors of metal roofing. The elephant in the room that you ignored, was explaining the benefits of metal roofing, and why in many cases it ends up being the better value long-term — triple the lifespan of asphalt, energy savings, fire & impact resistance (which can lower insurance rates) and even weather-tight warranties that traditional roofing cannot offer. For the environment, traditional roofing is filling acres of landfill each year; metal is 100% recyclable, and therefore environmentally friendly. Metal roofs are about a third of the weight of traditional roofs. The benefits go on and on. It comes down to higher up-front costs, but much better cost-value across the life of the roof.
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Whether you are looking for a traditional or unique roofing style, we have what you are looking for. In choosing Erie Metal Roofs, we provide cutting edge technology matched with exceptional customer service.
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At the moment, metal roofs account for 10% of the residential market. However, even asphalt roof installers agree that metal roofs are the roof of the future.
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According to the 2014 US Census, the average square footage of the average American roof is 1700 square feet. Calculating the cost of a metal roof isn’t as simple as just knowing your square footage, however. The price of metal is subject to fluctuation. Sometimes it can be pretty volatile. (In 2007, steel had a very wild period in which quotes for steel prices were good only for one hour!)
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My husband and I are about to buy a house that needs a new roof. I want to install aluminum, he is worried that the sound of rain on the metal will be loud inside the house. The roof is gabled and the upstairs has two bedrooms with about 2 or 2 1/2 feet crawl space at the peek, but a portion of the downward slant has no space between the bedroom wall and roofing structure. We live in Austin, TX, so can get intermittent rain storms, not much hail, though. What is your experience of noise with metal vs. asphalt shingle?